Fragoo is a simple program that takes extracts the products on your Yahoo Store and adds it to Google Base (previously known as Froogle and Google Products).  You can do this for as many stores as you like with one license, but it can only be installed on one computer.

Click here to download Fragoo  <--Temporarily disable.  New version due out January 2010

Computer with Windows XP, Vista, Win2k, 2003 or 2008.
YahooStore account with minimal knowledge.
Google Base account (free).


1. In your YahooStore, enable the XML feed file by going to Store Manager and clicking the Search Engine link (under the Promote section.)  Then click "Enable" and "Done".  This setting may have already been enabled.

2. If you don't have a Google Base account, you can set one up by clicking here. Once you have a Google Base Account:
        a. Inside your Google Base account, click the Data feeds link on the left side of the page.
        b. Click the New data feed button.
        c. Make sure that the Data feed type is set to googlebase
d. Then type any simple name for the data feed with an ending of .txt for example: mydomaindatafeed.txt
e. This next step is optional and will automate your insertion of products. While you are still in the Google Base website, click the Settings link on the left side of the page and then click the FTP link that will appear just under it.  Enter a password and save it.  Write down the exact username and password to use in the Fragoo program.

2. Download Fragoo and run the setup program.

3. Run Fragoo, you will find it by clicking your Start button and then  Programs / Software Scientific / Fragoo

4. In Fragoo, type your Yahoo Store Name exactly as it appears when you log into YahooStore as shown below in the blue section in bold letters.  In this example, the store name is exactly: worlds-greatest-store

5. In Fragoo, below the Yahoo Store Name, click the tab that says Google Base.  While on this tab:
     a.  Choose the category that is most appropriate for your website.
        b. Type the same exact Feed File name for step 2d above.
        c. Type the exact same username and password from step 2e above and check the Enable FTP checkbox, if you want to automatically send the file to Google Base.  Otherwise, the program will simply create the file and leave it on your computer for you to alter and/or manually submit it.
        d. Select the condition of products that you sell.
        e. Enter a brand name or your website name into the Brand Name field.
        f.  Enter the days for your listings to expire as a number between 1 and 30.  30 is the maximum allowed by Google.
        e. The Append String field can be left blank.  It is for those that want to add tracking codes for analytical programs to their links.
        f. Click the Add button.

6. Click "Run" and watch it work.

Yahoo and Froogle have nothing to do with Software Scientific.  They are both trademarks of their respective companies.  Software Scientific has only developed a tool to make them work together.



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